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Cracow City Tours

2013.12.31 7:00

WOW!night Music Square Session

WOW!night is an unusual ending to the year – on 31 December, the Main Market in Krakow transforms into the biggest club scene in Europe with a dance floor of an area of almost 10 thousand square metres. On the stage, stars of club and electronic music, as well as the best DJs, perform. Right after midnight, to greet the New Year, participants of the event can admire the unique pyrotechnical and confetti show. The space of the Market is closed on the one side with a concert stage and huge diode screens placed on both its sides of a total area of approximately 100 square metres, on the other side – a construction almost 50 metres long for lighting equipment. Near the Drapers’ Hall, a stage platform is placed, on which dancers with especially prepared choreography for this evening perform for the entire duration of the event. The huge number of about two hundred conventional and intelligent lights arranged on three sides of the Market, as well as twelve high-power colourful lasers, together create a unique show, which are completed by visualisations projected on the diode walls, especially prepared for that night and mixed live.