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Cracow City Tours


To check in to Greg&Tom PARTY Hostel please go to reception on:

Zyblikiewicza Street number 9  (corner of Librowszczyzna street and Zyblikiewicza)

(for more adventourus travellers we give you how it sound :  "syblickievitcha".)

Please remember to go to a proper hostel to check-in and receive the keys! Booking made in the Junior hostel will be checked in only in the JUNIOR :) If you want to stay in one of the other boring hostels you can always step by to party in the GREG&TOM PARTY HOSTEL style with us!!! :P

From the main train station:

Our hostel is only 600 meters away from the train station. However, due to insufficient signage, getting out of the train station could be quite a challenge. Follow instructions below to avoid confusion and save time.
  1. Leave the train safely and gracefully!
  2. You are at the platform. There are 3 staircases leading to 3 different arrival halls under the platform. Which one to take to save time? Take the one at the very beginning of the platform. What does 'the very beginning of the platform' mean? It means that this staircase is closer to main building of the station and city center and majority of natives will go this direction . Follow the crowd!
  3. Walk down the stairs, turn right and get to the very end of underground arrival hall.
  4. Exit underground arrival hall and turn left to the stairs.
  5. Walk up the stairs and head to the main building of the station.
  6. Leave the main building. You are facing spacious plaza with a modern building of the Galeria Krakowska shopping mall on your right.
  7. Leave the mall behind you and go straight to the underground tunnel with some small local stalls. Take the left stairs in the middle of the tunnel which will take you to Westerplatte Street direction.
  8. Once you're on Westerplatte Sreet simply walk straight for about four minutes and turn left to Zyblikiewicza Street 9, right behind the PTTK Wyspianski Hotel. If you keep walking straight, you will see us at the corner.
  9. Welcome to Greg&Tom Party Hostel!

From the main bus station:

The main bus station and the main train station are situated next to each other!

  1. Leave the Bus terminal. You have to go through the train station in order to get to the city centre and the hostel.
  2. Find the entrance to train station underground arrival hall and walk down the stairs.
  3. Walk straight to the very end of the underground arrival hall.
  4. Exit underground arrival hall and take the rout from point five in the train station section above.

From the Balice airport:

The easiest way to get to the hostel is to take a train from the airport train terminal to the main train station. From the airport terminal building, take a free shuttle bus, which is synchronized with the trains, or walk 200 meters to the airport train terminal. The trains operate from approx 04.24 in the morning to 00.15 the next day. The ticket price is only 6 PLN (approx €2), you may buy it from the train operator. Please remember to get some Polish change before buying the ticket because those train operators are always short of change and will refuse taking 100 PLN banknotes! The ride is approx 20 minutes long. When you get to the main train station, please follow the directions above.